14th December Meeting Notes

Well this was the last meeting of the year and was well attended with a warm festive welcome from Helen our president, who provide an excellent introduction on the roles and responsibilities of the club members and running of the meeting especially important as we have a number of new members.

Bill was chairing and we know that we are in a safe pair of hands when Bill takes the lead. Bill provided clear guidance throughout the meeting and provides us with confidence that this will be a well run event. When discussing the agenda he also provide the audience with an overview of what may be expected of the evening and this included building the expectation of the audience on what could be expected from each of the speech’s as well as providing excellent links between each of the speeches throughout the evening.

Each of our new members took the opportunity to do their first speech’s. Not only were these speeches well structured, the were intelligent, interesting, funny and extremely well delivered. They were all outstanding and have set a high bar for themselves.

The purpose of the evaluation was explained and the evaluators picked up on how to draw the audience in and used examples to demonstrate the points as well as good examples on how to meet the criteria of the various levels in the speakers manual.

There was some changes made to the agenda during the meeting but this was to ensure the smooth flow and enabled us to keep to time.

Topics was themed on Christmas and the areas were apt and lifted the mood as people could have some fun. The group is keen to ensure that everyone has an opportunity not only to speak but to learn to evaluate. Topics lends itself to this. How this is divided between the audience needs to better established, but it does works well once it is organised.

Mince pies and chocolates made an appearance during the evening and the mood was good as always. Helen closed the evening by wishing us all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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