30th August 2021- Annual General Meeting

It was good to meet in person after over 12 months of Zoom meetings. This was our Annual General Meeting to reflect on the past 12 months and look forward to the next 12 months. Although much of what we had planned for the past 12months had been difficult to achieve due to COVID 19, we acknowledged that technology has opened opportunities for us learn new skills and for us to consider this for the future. Zoom provided the membership with the opportunity of working with other clubs, which is often restricted due to distance to travel, so we were able to take this opportunity to invite skilled speakers who shared their experience to increase our skills knowledge and competence especially around speaking and evaluation skills.

Also the club had managed to not only retain it’s membership during COVID 19 but increased the membership, which is excellent and bodes well for the future. It was agreed that a new venue was required which has been located at St Timothy’s Community Centre, which we are very pleased with.

The club is in a health position, with new members and new venue we are planning for a successful next 12 months.


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