Club Officer Roles

The club is the most important organisational level of the ASC. It is where most members will spend most of their time focusing their efforts and their learning. Leading your club in any of these capacities can be incredibly rewarding as you get to see immediate and tangible results from your efforts to support your fellow members.

Everyone in ASC should at some point take on a role with their club because the benefits are so rich, long lasting, and two-way.

Role Description of RoleClub Member Appointee
Remit President • Chair the business meeting on club nights
• Coordinate the work of the club committee
• Represent the club whenever necessary
• Organise the club annual general meeting
• Ensure the club’s activities conform with the aims and objectives of the ASC
Helen Rosbottom
Development Manager • Produce the club programme
• Contribute to club recruitment strategy
• Manage promotion of the club to the public
• Support club executive members in their various roles
Shared role:
María del Carmen Redondo
Maggie Sherlock
Supported by;
David Dempsey
Education Director • Organise learning activities within the club and arrange events with partner organisations and other clubs
• Keep up to date with learning and development initiatives
• Ensure full use of The Speakers Guide by club members
• Communicate with the National Education Director and request certificates of achievement for club members
Ewa Gabzdyl
Secretary • Take minutes of club meetings and AGM
• File club records and archives
• Maintain club membership records
• Handle club correspondence
• Recipient of mailing from the National Secretary
Helen Rosbottom
Supported by;
Maggie Sherlock
Treasurer • Ensure financial stability of the club and keeps accounts
• Collect subscriptions and capitations fees
• Purchase items from the National Materials Officer
• Produce an annual balance sheet for scrutiny at the club AGM and examination by a third party
• Advise the club on its financial position
Bill Patterson
Social Convener • Organise annual club dinner
• Coordinate other social events
• Welcome guests and visitors to the club
• Arrange catering for club meetings
• Contribute to club social media activity
Shared role:
María del Carmen Redondo
Maggie Sherlock
Supported by:
David Dempsey
Webmaster • Maintain the club website
• Coordinate the club’s online presence including social media
• Manage club email address
• Liaise with National Webmaster
• Encourage members to provide regular content updates
Shared role:
María del Carmen Redondo
Maggie Sherlock

In addition to the above local club roles there is an opportunity to develop these skills further become involved at regional and national level