Helen opening the meeting in our new venue- St Timothy Church- Community Hall

York RI Speakers Club Annual Dinner
Sheffield Speakers Club representatives at York Speakers club annual dinner October 2019. Helen Rosbottom current club President, David Dempsey , Deputy Club President and Maggie Sherlock

2015-03-10 21.07.02
A proud moment for the club and especially for Past President of Sheffield Speakers Club Graeme Cumming as he receives an award for completing his masterpiece speech. This is the highest level of achievement in the ASC syllabus.

2015-03-10 21.59.55
What a great turnout! In March 2015 we were very pleased to welcome several members of York RI Speakers Club. They have some excellent speakers and showed us a very high level of ability both in prepared and impromptu speaking. We are looking forward to visits from and to other local clubs in the near future.