How We Learn.

When you join any speakers club which is a member of the Association of Speakers clubs you will be presented with a copy of the Speakers Guide.

The Speakers Guide covers the art of public speaking from beginner to advanced level together with helpful advice on chairmanship, impromptu speaking, evaluation and many aspects of running a Speakers Club.

The Speakers Guide provides the framework for the development of speaking skills. There are a number of assignments to complete covering different aspects of public speaking from delivering your first speech through speech construction, to using your voice, gestures and humour. With each speech the focus is different, but each will develop and improve your public speaking skills and confidence.

The  Speakers Guide, outlines the Association of Speakers Club (ASC) Development Pathway for you to become a better presenter a better speaker and a better leader.   The ASC have worked with the Victoria College of Music London who have recognised and approved certificates awarded by ASC.  An articulation pathway has been agreed, so anyone wishing to take VCM exams in speech or public speaking will benefit from direct entry, there are exemptions, depending on which certificate they have achieved:

1. Exemption from discussion/questions in Grade exams up to Grade 6 speech/public speaking to holders of the ASC Foundation Certificate, and Grade 8 for holders of ASC Certificate of Achievement (COA).
2. Direct entry to Gold Medal (Grade 8) for holders of ASC Certificate of Achievement (COA).
3. Direct entry and exemption from theory requirements for Associate Diploma in Public Speaking and Diploma/Associate Diploma in Speech for holders of the ASC Certificate in Applied Public Speaking.
4. Direct entry to Licentiate Diploma for holders of Diploma in Public 

For the more experienced speaker there is an advanced section, which offers opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills gained in a wider range of circumstances, both within the club and externally. These include use of microphone, visual aids, speaking without notes, business presentations and outside assignments.

Each assignment has its own particular evaluation requirements, and these are included in the Guide. By working through the Guide speakers have the opportunity to develop both their speaking and evaluation skills.

Certificates of achievement are awarded for successful completion  assignments.  There are different levels of achievement as listed below:

Foundation Certificate of Achievement F1 – Starting Your Journey
F2 – Constructing a Speech
F3 – Speaking with Conviction
F4 – Using Gestures and Body Language
F5 – Using Your Voice
ASC Certificate of Achievement A1 – Vocabulary and Word Pictures
A2 – Storytelling and Narrative
A3 – Using Humour A4 – Developing Audience Rapport
A5 – The “Showpiece”
Diploma in Public Speaking

D1 – The Impromptu Speech
D2 – Delivering a speech to a non-ASC audience
D3 – Using Presentation Aids
D4a –Giving a Lecture
D4 b–Making a Business Presentation 

D4c- Speeches for Occasions

D4d- Prepared Speaking Without Notes