The Association presents many opportunities to explore and develop your leadership abilities and style. These awards can provide focus, motivation, and recognition as you become a better leader. The National Development Officer encourages you to complete these challenges and have your achievements and learning recognised

Bronze Award – Leading Yourself

  1. Have completed the Foundation Certificate
  2. Evaluate an F1 – F5 speech
  3. Evaluate an A1 – A5 speech
  4. Run a topics session or be a topics evaluator
  5. Be a General Evaluator
  6. Chair a meeting
  7. Visit another ASC club
  8. Attend an ASC event outside your club
  9. Write a few lines summarising what you learned for The Speaker magazine

Silver Award Leading Your Club

  1. Complete the Bronze leadership award
  2. Complete the ASC Certificate or Certificate in Applied Public Speaking
  3. Evaluate an advanced speaker
  4. Be a judge in a contest
  5. Chair a club contest
  6. Serve terms in two different roles on the club committee at least one of which should be President or Education Director
  7. Serve a term in area / region office
  8. Organise a substantial club event (club contest, dinner, gathering etc)
  9. Write a paragraph summarising what you learned for The Speaker magazine

Gold Award- Leading Your Association

  1. Have completed the Silver leadership award
  2. Have completed the Diploma in Public Speaking
  3. Evaluate an A5 speech as the outside evaluator
  4. Chief Judge at a contest
  5. Judge at region / national
  6. Chair an area or higher contest
  7. Serve a term as an area president or regional coordinator
  8. Help start a new club or salvage a failing club
  9. Organise a substantial area / region event
  10. Write a half page summary of what you learned for The Speaker magazine