November 13th 2019 Meeting Notes

David was the Chair for the evening. He opened the meeting by introducing the evenings events. We had two new members attend, so welcome to them.
It was Lisa first A1 speech and was titled; “A beginners guide about me”. It started with the day she was born, and events on that day which included significant historical events making wonderful links between the Olympian gold medallist and her love of running and her marathon achievements. She introduced humour as well as emotive personal stories. The speech was well structured with good links and well delivered.

The speech was evaluated by Maggie who had no hesitation to agree that Lisa could move on to the next stage.

Rather than a second speech, this was replaces with a debate. The issue for debate was: “Is the push to electric cars sustainable”. The debate provided the opportunity for all the group including new members to participate. Debating is a relatively new dynamic to the group and enables members to formulate the arguments even if the position is contrary to your beliefs. It allows the speaker to practice the art of persuasion and how to defend your position. It was a good issue to debate and allowed for the formulation of good argument on both sides.
Club business – An evaluation, of the York Dinner was provided which was attended by Maggie, David and Helen. Helen was invited to be a judge at a Speakers completion in May. There was discussion about the club moving to the midland area. Tony advised that Newark, speakers club had e-mailed and asked if
someone from Sheffield would be an evaluator at one of their topics competitions. Tony would put himself forward.

Facebook page and the Sheffield Speakers web page have both been updated.
Topics- David presented the topic, The subject was; “How do you like to travel? “. David provided each speaker with a different mode of transport which they then had to speak about. Lisa topic was travelling by plane and her memories of when smoking and drinking was permitted, and although she enjoyed travel she did not enjoy travelling by plane. Ewa’s topic was travelling by train which she felt had romantic connotation, and that there was a feeling of safety associated train travel and that you can relax and enjoy yourself whilst on them. Matt, topic was travelling by horse- matt then began to relay a story of a time where without no formal horse riding training rode on a horse over the Russian mountains, enjoying peace and quiet as well as the sites. 10,000 meters above sea level. However, reminded us that the dangers of modern society make travelling by horse is inaccessible. Maggie topic was travelling by bike and relayed the benefits of having recently had the opportunity to hire an electric bike. Tony topic was travelling by boat- reminding us of the different variations of travelling by boast and that any long distances on a boat would not be his idea of fun.
However he relayed a story of his family becoming sea sick on a katamaran and that although he did not want to go found that cruising was very different and very much a luxury and most enjoyable, especially waking up in a different location each day.
Tony evaluated the topics session and congratulated David on his choice of topics, as it considered that most people could have been expected to have had some experience about the topic area.

General Evaluation- feedback was provided on the structure and flow of the meeting with learning points highlighted for the group. It was agreed that for future debates more time was required for the speakers to prepare. However the debate was well presented with each side providing both an ethical positions and the seconder holding a separate argument.


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