November 9th 2021 Meeting Notes

Maggie was Chair for the evening. It was great to be face to face again and at our excellent new location at St Timothy’s Community Hall in Crookes.

Maggie opened the meeting by explaining the agenda consisting of a speech , explanation of timing control (lights) , impromptu speaking topics and the various evaluation feedback sessions.

It was great to see four guests at the meeting , hope they enjoyed the evening

David presented an excellent A4 (level 9) speech on “My exciting Saturday night” detailing, believe it or not, a real life burglary at his home. Quite an enthralling story.

 A short club business session followed summarising mainly the issues arising from a previous “strategy” session on how we take the club forward post Covid and the tentative planning for the club Christmas Party .

Following a brief tea break Bill then evaluated David’s speech – on A4 (audience rapport) we are looking for achieving an affinity with the audience, good eye contact and use of pauses, in addition to other previously achieved skills such as humour, gestures etc

David’s speech was as usual full of humour , great eye contact and good flow – and as always a great story ! It was felt that the “trial” of standing on the raised stage didn’t work as it was too far away from the audience and therefore impacted on achieving rapport. Some great word pictures , use of repetition , and voice modulation .

Maggie replaced the usual topics (impromptu speaking ) with a prepared speech using famous speeches from the past. This was a nice change and all members had some fun doing this and an unplanned rebuttal by David on Bill’s environmental speech added to the flavour of a lively night.

Nyall at only his second meeting had a go too on the famous speeches and also later did an excellent evaluation of Bill’s speech – shows the progress that can be made quickly when you take the plunge  

Two of the guests also participated by giving a brief overview of themselves and why they wanted to attend the club.

Bill gave the general evaluation focussing on some main points:

  • Meeting was well chaired , and well prepared  
  • Good initiative taken to move lectern back to ground level when realised wasn’t working
  • Topics was a great novel idea
  • Some great linkages between agenda items

Overall the meeting had great educational value , was really enjoyable and allowed us to practice in our “safe” non- judgemental  space


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