October 8th 2019 Meeting Notes

Thanks to everybody who attended the meeting on Tuesday 8th October 2019. Maggie Sherlock was our Chair for the evening. I welcomed the group and managed to keep the evening on track.

Tony Leake was the only speaker of the night with his A5 speech- (Using your Voice Effectively) which was titled “Do you want to know a secrete?” Tony is an experience speaker and had previously completed an A5, so he was revisiting this level again. Tony went on to provide us with a master class in public speaking. He speech provided us insight into a part of Tony’s life that few of knew little about and left us wanting to know more.

The evaluation of Tony’s speech was undertaken by David Dempsey. David provided a concise evaluation of the speech which was needless to say very positive with very few learning points reflecting Tony’s experience. I look forward to another of Tony’s speech in the future.

Club business and the extra time was used to provide an opportunity to discuss of the Sheffield Speaker Club Communication Plan. A number of recommendations were made and it was agreed that there was great opportunity for the club to promote it’s self. It was agreed that the plan should form part of club business.

David Dempsey was our Topics Chair. David’s choice of topics was one of the most unusually topics that the club had was was indeed a theme that proved challenging at times for the topic takers However, topics are indeed to “encourage and develop the speaker’s ability to speak spontaneously without any previous preparation” .

Tony’s was the Topic Evaluator. Tony provided a reflection of the topics session and offered advise to the group in preparing for topics.

Helen Rosbottom was the General Evaluator for the evening. Helen discussed and reflected on the flow of the evening and provided the group many positive points as well as some learning points.

I have taken over from Tony in providing these summaries and will try and keep to Tony’s promise to keep these summaries short.

I am looking forward to the meeting in November and hope to see you all there.


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